As it turns out, some people still don’t have power after two weeks. I didn’t really think this was surprising, but I never thought it would be so close to home in a manner of speaking. I guess it kind of puts in perspective how lucky I am to have power, or rather, how unlucky the people who don’t have it are. Sucks for them, right?

If you’ve read my other post about school football games then you know how entertaining that they can be. Well, when they’re over that is. Unfortunately, the latter part of the game that I enjoy wasn’t part of the schedule. Nope. That was replaced with the way more fun 3 hour practice! Man, it’s a good thing it wasn’t hot out today. It’s not like it’s Houston or something. Lucky me. Anyway, you didn’t come here to hear me bitch about my day. That’s what Xanga is for after all.

One of the things that make football games fun are all the random conversations that manage to pop up. For example, today I had one with the B about cheesecake. Call me a fatty, but I love cheesecake. Is there any kind of cake better? According to Alton Brown, it technically isn’t a cake, but does that matter when you’re having a food induced high from having a piece in your mouth? No, it doesn’t. Suffice it to say that Cheesecake Factory is one of my most favorite restaurants, ever.

In other pointless news, I’m in the process of setting up a Flickr account. By “in the process” I mean I’m planning to do it sometime in the near future. That way, you guys can see all of the riveting photographs that I have collected. On that same note, I’m planning on putting some more media into my posts. You know, spice things up a bit.

Normally I would have more things to say, but there is a House marathon on USA right now. It’s kinda important.