First and foremost, this blog was started as a place where I can write about anything I felt like writing about. Originally, it was going to be a place to post my internet novel, but it slowly evolved away from that, and into what it is today. Secondly, it’s a place where I can keep people updated on my life, mostly relatives like the sis and friends in other cities. This blog gives me a way to connect with people that, otherwise, I would never be able to connect with. The topics that I write about here will most likely be incredibly diverse; anything ranging from gaming to politics I will probably touch on somewhere down the line.

What’s with the name?

Ah yes, Gigantinormous. I’d like to think that there was an epic story I could write for you here that would clarify why I chose that name, but there isn’t. Gigantinormous is a combination of the words “gigantic” and “enormous.” When I was younger, I started combining the two as a way to express how big something was. For example, “That sandwich is gigantinormous!” Over time, I started using it as a means of exaggerating things. It has always been an expression for the size of something that was, for lack of better words, gigantinormous. How does this tie in with the blog? It’s pretty simple really. This blog is intended to be a huge collection of my thoughts and other musings, hence the name Gigantinormous and the tagline: “A whole lotta nothing.”