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I usually try to update this blog every week, but it’s been a bit hard considering my schedule. Also, I really haven’t had anything to say. I’ve been playing a whole bunch of new games and I finally got my G1. Here’s a quick run down on what I think.

Left 4 Dead: Awesome game. It has 4 separate campaigns that can each be played with 4 friends each. Each campaign will probably run you about 2 hours depending on what difficulty you are on. I’ve only played on Normal mode so far. If anyone wants to play with me: DemonElite117 is my Xbox Live GT. I’ll be clearing my friend’s list pretty soon, just be sure to include a message with your request. AI can be a little annoying sometimes, but overall it’s spot on.

Gear of War 2: Another great game. As CliffyB promised, this one is bigger, better, and more bad ass than the last. It is still definitely the same Gears that we all know and love. The style, and control, and interface are all the same. The only thing that is really new is some new abilities and enemies. The new Horde gametype is incredibly addicting to play with friends. The campaign is pretty fun, but always funner with a few buddies to help. Overall a great, gory, action shooter. If you were a fan of the last one, you’ll love Gears 2.

Mirror’s Edge: Not for the weak stomached I hear. There have been stories of people getting motion sickness to the point of vomiting because of this game. That’s how real it is. If I were to describe this game in one word, it would have to be clean. The environment, the controls, the movement, everything is very very clean. I’m a bit disappointed with the multiplayer, and the fact that you have to sign into EA just to do Time Trial is really annoying. Why can’t they use XBL like every other game? Beats me. As I said before, this game is incredibly lifelike. When you run and jump, you feel like you’re running and jumping. I’ve heard mixed reviews about this game. In my opinion, I absolutely love it. Though, if you’re not too sure, I suggest renting it first.

T-Mobile G1: What can I say? I love this phone! It has a few creaks here and there but that’s okay. The screen is bright and responsive, but the system can be a bit slow at times and really fast at others. The battery cover seems like an after thought. The Google Maps is one of the most convenient things in the world to have on hand. That and the giant selection of free apps to download this phone can be customized to anyone’s tastes. If you have T-Mobile and due for an upgrade, get this.

In other news, I can’t be more relieved that it’s Thanksgiving. If there is one thing that I’m thankful for is that I can take off school for a few days. These past two weeks have been an absolute blur. The only thing I can remember is school work, which is lame. After this it’s one last push and then I have winter break. I’ve been trying to start a Parkour Club and a Comedy Club with my friends, hopefully that will work out in the end.

I recently saw Quantum of Solace too. I liked it overall but it was more than once that I was left thinking, “What just happened?” This is the first Bond movie to ever be a direct sequel to another Bond movie, so it was interesting to see how it would play out. Daniel Craig makes an excellent Bond in my opinion, but I know some people thinks it’s absolute blasphemy. If you like James Bond movies, which you should, this is a good movie to watch.

Well, that’s all for now folks. If you’re just dying to get more of me, you can always visit my Twitter!