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If you guys haven’t heard it already, there is an audio track going around of Christian Bale losing his temper on the set of Terminator Salvation. I’m sure you can google it and find it pretty quick if you’re really interested. For your sake, here’s a link. It does have some graphic language, so be warned.

I’ve read a lot of comments that people have made about Bale being unprofessional for blowing up like that. From what I understand, the Director of Photography walked in front of a light for the second time. A lot of people are against Bale’s losing his temper, but I find it understandable.

DP is a very respected position on the set. I’m surprised that anyone would walk onto a set during the filming of a scene. For a DP, that’s unacceptable. I’m not surprised that Bale blew up when it happened for the second time. Actors are trained to pull out whatever emotion they need at the right moment. For a movie like Terminator, you need that adrenaline to get the scene just right. If that scene is ruined, it takes time to get that adrenaline pumping again. Blow ups like this happen all the time on movie sets, people just don’t know about it as much. Also, film costs money. Film is a very expensive necessity on the set. In the movie industry, time really is money because the more time (aka film) you waste of ruined shots, that’s more money that has to be spent.

All I can say is that people need to lay off of Christian Bale. He is an amazing actor, one of the best. He truly is passionate about his job and it shouldn’t be a big huge suprise when he gets angry over it once in a while.

Just thought I’d give my two cents.


Simon Pegg has always been one of my favorite actors. If you’ve ever seen Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz, you would know why. Run Fatboy Run is roughly in the same vein as those movies in the sense that they have the same feel to them. Overall, the movie offers a bunch of laughs and a great time with friends. Hell, I would even say you could watch it by yourself, but that’s awfully sad don’t you think? I digress.

The movie centers around Dennis Doyle, a security guard at a lingerie store. He is known by his ex-fiancee and his friends that he runs from everything that is hard in life. The movie even opens with him running from his wedding, leaving Libby (the ex, played by Thandie Newton) at the alter, and pregnant no less. Suffice it to say, he’s not on good terms with her. The movie skips ahead to Dennis’ current life, as the security guard that is. He then finds out that Libby has a new boyfriend. Do you see where this is going? The movie progresses rather predictably, so it doesn’t add anything to the new and revolutionary department. Despite this however, the movie is a heart warming story about overcoming ones challenges in life.

This being a comedy movie, the comedic timing was spot on. A lot of it was of  British style, but I still found it laugh out loud hilarious at times. If you enjoyed the humor in Simon Pegg’s other movies, you’ll enjoy the jokes in this one as well. The movie still managed to be serious when things needed to be and funny the rest of the time. In terms of cinematography, it too was very well done. The angles were well placed, and there weren’t too many cuts to confuse the viewer. It was pretty easy on the eyes. If you hated movies like Cloverfield because of it’s camera work, then you don’t have to worry about that with this movie.

The story is told, as I said before, in a very predictable fashion. Guy breaks up with girl. Girl moves on. Guy tries to win girl back from an asshole of a boyfriend. There wasn’t much depth in terms of thought provoking ideas, but I found that I didn’t miss it that much. The movie isn’t really based on the story, if that makes any sense. Rather, the story is only a backdrop on which the scenes play out over. Yeah, that didn’t really make that much sense. But I hope you get what I mean.

Overall, the movie was fun to watch, and made my laugh. It’s not the funniest or most well made or most compelling movie ever, but I enjoyed it despite that. This would be a great rental just to see if you like it. In some cases, or if you have the extra 20 burning in your pocket, the DVD wouldn’t be a bad investment.

2008 and 2009 seem like really good years for the things I love. Technology, movies, and video games. If you’re one of the two dedicated readers I have, then you might have read my video game article a few weeks earlier. I won’t bother to catalog any more video games in this list, rather, I’ll just tell you about some movies I’m pretty damn excited about.

First, I’ll start the list with Zack and Miri Make a Porno. This movie has been a hot topic with the MPAA for obvious reasons. Of course, this isn’t the first movie that has had a risque overtone. 40 Year-Old Virgin anyone? Though, I have to admit, this is a bit more direct. Anyway, this movie about Zack (Seth Rogan) and Miri (Elizabeth Banks) trying to make some extra cash so that they can keep a roof over their heads. Solution? Make a porno of course! To make things even better, it’s written and directed by Kevin Smith, a person I am a huge fan of. It goes without saying that this movie is going to be hilarious. Don’t believe me? Check out the trailer. It’s set to release Oct. 31.

Staying with the theme of sex, we have Sex Drive. This movie is about a high school senior, Ian (Josh Zuckerman), who goes across the country to meet a girl he met online. I’m sure a bunch of my fellow nerds can sympathize with this film. It just hit theatres recently and hasn’t gotten the best reviews on IMDB (a 6.3 out of 10). It does look promising though, and I hope I can find the time to see it. I’ll write a review when I do.

Everyone recognizes the name James Bond and the number 007. That being said, the next movie on the list is 007: Quantum of Solace. This is the sequel to the previous 007 movie, Casino Royale. I’ve always loved the Bond films, and at first I was a bit apprehensive about the choice of Daniel Craig as James Bond. But he has lived up to the Bond name really well. Casino Royale is up there with the list of best Bond films including “GoldenEye” and “The Spy Who Loved Me.” This movie is due out on Nov. 14, and I can’t wait.

This last one is a bit into the future, it’s Watchmen. When I saw the trailer in theaters, I was absolutely floored. Watchmen is an amazing comic, filled with thought provoking insights. It’s due out March 6th 2009. Until then, I’ll just have to watch the trailer again. And again…and again.

This past Thursday was the final presidential debate. I don’t really have much to say about it. McCain held his own really well, staying on the offensive often. There wasn’t really anything I heard that was new or exciting. I did find it interesting that Joe the Plumber was mentioned so many times, but can you blame them? They need to appeal to that demographic more than anything. However, the odds are against McCain’s favor, Obama being in the lead almost 2:1. I don’t want to say anything too early, but it almost seems like Obama is a shoe in to win. But who knows? Life is full of surprises.

If you’re like me, you’ve wondered what the best superhero was. Obviously, there isn’t a definitive answer for this question, but it’s still an interesting topic. I really love Spiderman. I like how he manages to stay like a regular person despite his powers, ie. getting dumped. Then again, I also love Batman because he doesn’t have any power at all. Just a lot of money. On the other side of the coin (Two-Face reference), I don’t like Superman because of that. He is too super. And I’ve never been particularly attracted to the other heroes either, such as the Flash, Hulk, and the like. I don’t know, they’ve never really grown on me. So now it really comes down to Spiderman or Batman.

Spiderman’s power is pretty badass. Though, in the comics, Peter Parker didn’t have the ability to shoot webs, he had to have a special device attached to his arm that made and shot the webs for him. But, he still had his Spidey-sense and his ability to climb on walls. On the emotional side of things, Peter Parker always managed to stay relatively normal. I say relatively because he’s a friggin’ spider half the time. He still manages to carry out relationships and even sees them end. From the movies alone you can tell that he is conflicted emotionally between helping the world and helping himself.

Next, we have Batman, otherwise known as Bruce Wayne. Unlike a lot of superheroes, he has no powers. At all. Instead, he is ridiculously rich. He is also really, really strong. There are scenes, either in comic or film, where he is benching several large plates. His real hook is his past. His parents were killed in front of him when he was a child, giving him a burning hate of crime which leads him to become Batman.

I find myself torn between the two, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to pick one over the other. But we have to consider one more aspect: the villains. Both have really dumb villains. Batman has the Penguin for example, and Spiderman has the Beetle. Then again, they have awesome villains. The Joker and the Venom lineage, respectively. If we were to compare the portrayal of these two villains in the films, then the Joker definitely wins. When I saw S3, I couldn’t believe how much of a weenie Venom was. No giant muscles? No huge mouth? No super long drooling tongue hanging out? How lame. Now the Joker on the other hand. Holy christ was he amazing. I get shivers up my spine just thinking about it.

In that respect, then Batman is the winner. Still, I’m not sure. What do you think? Spiderman or Batman?