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Simon Pegg has always been one of my favorite actors. If you’ve ever seen Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz, you would know why. Run Fatboy Run is roughly in the same vein as those movies in the sense that they have the same feel to them. Overall, the movie offers a bunch of laughs and a great time with friends. Hell, I would even say you could watch it by yourself, but that’s awfully sad don’t you think? I digress.

The movie centers around Dennis Doyle, a security guard at a lingerie store. He is known by his ex-fiancee and his friends that he runs from everything that is hard in life. The movie even opens with him running from his wedding, leaving Libby (the ex, played by Thandie Newton) at the alter, and pregnant no less. Suffice it to say, he’s not on good terms with her. The movie skips ahead to Dennis’ current life, as the security guard that is. He then finds out that Libby has a new boyfriend. Do you see where this is going? The movie progresses rather predictably, so it doesn’t add anything to the new and revolutionary department. Despite this however, the movie is a heart warming story about overcoming ones challenges in life.

This being a comedy movie, the comedic timing was spot on. A lot of it was of  British style, but I still found it laugh out loud hilarious at times. If you enjoyed the humor in Simon Pegg’s other movies, you’ll enjoy the jokes in this one as well. The movie still managed to be serious when things needed to be and funny the rest of the time. In terms of cinematography, it too was very well done. The angles were well placed, and there weren’t too many cuts to confuse the viewer. It was pretty easy on the eyes. If you hated movies like Cloverfield because of it’s camera work, then you don’t have to worry about that with this movie.

The story is told, as I said before, in a very predictable fashion. Guy breaks up with girl. Girl moves on. Guy tries to win girl back from an asshole of a boyfriend. There wasn’t much depth in terms of thought provoking ideas, but I found that I didn’t miss it that much. The movie isn’t really based on the story, if that makes any sense. Rather, the story is only a backdrop on which the scenes play out over. Yeah, that didn’t really make that much sense. But I hope you get what I mean.

Overall, the movie was fun to watch, and made my laugh. It’s not the funniest or most well made or most compelling movie ever, but I enjoyed it despite that. This would be a great rental just to see if you like it. In some cases, or if you have the extra 20 burning in your pocket, the DVD wouldn’t be a bad investment.